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10 tips that make Chadar Trek Easier

Chadar Trek in the Zanskar valley is a very unique trek. The thrilling walk on the frozen river at subzero temperatures poses quite a few challenges for the trekkers. The beauty of the trek lies in the trail that meanders through the mesmerizing ravines and overwhelming canyons of the Zansker Valley.  To enjoy this trek fully, it is important to understand and follow a few points. Clothes: Enough … but not too much!! It’s quite normal to experience subzero temperatures in the Zanskar Valley. Your body will get used to the cold while walking due to exertion. But the real challenge is at the campsite, when you’re not exerting. The cold gets to your bones. So, ensure that you’re covered in layered clothing. Woolen thermals, warm sweater or trekking jackets are a must. Down jackets are expensive yet worth every penny. Footwear: Hiking shoes + Gumboots At occasions, trekking on the Chadar involves wading through knee-deep cold water. Though hiking shoes are highly recommended, gumboots help keep your shoes and feet secure from the icy cold water. It is practically impossible to dry anything at Chadar, so gumboots are a compulsory and a crucial addition to the footwear. Due to subzero temperatures, sandals or slippers are of no use around the campsite. So skip them, and keep your feet safe in hiking shoes, at all times. 3-Cold is a state of mind, so overcome it mentally Leh, in winter is cold with temperatures dropping to as low as -20 degree Celsius and never rising above 0-3 degree Celsius. Throughout the Chadar trek, you will be trekking, eating, and sleeping...